Is Dressing Modestly for Women Boring?

Did you say cool, rich-looking, flexible, decorative, modest clothing for women? Yes, nowadays it’s the “do you “ attitude that will redeem you if you like modest wear and have to constantly deal with criticism from your “ liberal friends” who tend to think that your dress is not by your choice. Modesty is what preserves innocence and earns you favor and protection from potentially harmful behaviors and inclusions in activities that you might later regret. Obviously, you understand this and that is why you are going t every last mile to make sure that your dressing code remains decent so as to free yourself from the unwanted sexual attention of men and appear not just curves and legs.

Why women should dress modestly

So you think that modest fashion wear for women is just for those under sexual repression and religious fundamentalism? Think again! Today there is no gender rule prohibiting a man from wearing a G-string as underwear. As much as the English word lingerie refers to women’s underwear, in the real world this has grown to include men items as well. Men all over the world enjoy shopping for and wearing these sexy items for the benefits of comfort and eroticism. Ladies we don’t mind sharing, do we? That’s right! Gentlemen welcome to this amazing tour of style and sexy. Not color blind, are we? No problem still got tastes in our eyes.

It is all about the fabrics, nylon, Lycra, polyester, satin, lace, sheer fabrics, silk, you name them. The touch and feel matters and is different for each one of us. You don’t need lectures of these; just go with what pleases you the most. It might help to get your partners opinions on these because after all it is partly them you want to impress, right? However it is important to note that some people may be allergic to certain fabrics. Recent trends have been to manufacture modest wear for women with these attractive materials that provide beautiful affordable prices?

Next to fabric is fit. Good inner wear should be the right size. Yes ladies, always say plus one to your “actual size”. This will make sure you can actually breathe in them. If you have no idea what size you are ask you friend what size they are if you are comparable to them. If the product size you ordered doesn’t fit don’t force it on, be cool enough to send it back if applicable. Just like suits a well-fitting inner wear item is what you need to “do you”.

In short, modest does not necessarily mean ugly or boring.  Whether you choose modest dresses for your religion or just to match your calm personality, you can look pretty nice in skirts and flowy dresses without appearing to try too much. You are who you dress as and your code, virtue and dress go hand in hand and remain entirely your personal choice. If you believe in the power of modesty, then you will dress modestly and be modest about it. And if it is indeed for religious purposes, then you may find these Islamic clothing for women two notches above the rest. Check them out and let me know what are your thoughts.